Moth to the Flame

This is a crime thriller script book. It is laid out in script format.

MOTH TO THE FLAME — just don’t get too close

Glasgow police are trying to solve the murder of two women. Evidence includes a computer hard drive the police believe belongs to the man who strangled them. While the main police in Glasgow (led by Detective Chief Inspector McGrath) do their part in solving the crime, the police CCD (Computer Crime Department), headed by Detective Chief Inspector Eustace Silver, have to find out what they can about the computer evidence. Silver hires Guy Hunter, a freelance cyber sleuth, to help with the investigation which causes the killer to target Hunter too.

Guy Hunter discovers that the HERO computer in Glasgow (which is the police’s main source of intelligence and information) has been compromised. The murderer has hacked into the system and is altering the data to cover his crimes. He plans to kill three young women as proof that he can literally get away with murder. He then intends to sell this ability to high powered criminals willing pay a lot of money to have their crime evidence altered.

The premise and crimes are underpinned by Guy Hunter’s unrequited love for police psychologist, Laura Gray. There’s also the beautiful and mysterious young woman, Helen Rain, who works for the CCD, a woman without a past, whose future lies with Eustace Silver. And detectives Elysia Del Rio and Jay Juno.

In Moth to the Flame, the crimes are secondary to the interplay between the main characters — their lives, love, friendship and loyalty to each other.

This is a fictional story. The main character, Guy Hunter, is a cyber sleuth, specialising in computer crime, with a love for reading Shakespeare. He works freelance for the police CCD in Glasgow, Scotland.

Guy is single, a modern classic man, in his early 30s. He lives in a waterfront apartment overlooking the River Clyde in Glasgow, and has an office in the Merchant City. Hunter is also a moth to the flame — invariably tempted by something dangerously attractive that could lead to his downfall.

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