This is an action thriller script book. It is laid out in script format.

Guile is a fast–moving, modern, action adventure set in Scotland and America, involving the SBS — Special Boat Service. The SBS is a highly secretive British Special Forces unit. Comparable to the SAS, the predominantly Royal Navy unit are experts on both land and sea.

By Strength and Guile is the motto of the SBS.

Guile tells the story of John Riley, a Captain in the SBS (mainly based at HMS EXCALIBUR in Scotland). He is currently attached to a covert department of American Special Forces and is based, along with members of his team, in a US military base in California.

When a British naval officer, Captain Phillip Morgan, is shot dead outside HMS EXCALIBUR naval base in Scotland, the news of his friend’s death is relayed to Riley. Phillip’s last words were to his sister, Claire, who was there when he was shot. Phillip tells her she should contact Riley. Unknown to them, Phillip posted two discs containing the Sesame code, which is the key to the investigation into Phillip’s death — and the main mystery in the story.

Riley has to use his SBS skills to solve the mystery of the computer code and find Phillip’s killer. He also has to save Claire from being murdered by a former SBS member, Nick Deacon (now an SBS ghost, supposedly dead, but working for HMS Excalibur’s dubious government officer, Anderson). Deacon and Phillip used to be Riley’s closest friends in the forces. One is now dead, and the other should be.

This fictional story is filled with treachery, betrayal, deceit, love and loyalty.

GUILE is part of The Strife of Riley books. GUILE is a prequel to The Strife of Riley. Riley’s past invariably comes back to haunt him. In GUILE, a ghost from the past, a man who was once his friend, returns to provide Riley with his usual measure of strife.

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