Shadows of Murder

Shadows of Murder is a crime thriller set in Glasgow’s recent past (1998). Approx 45,000 words.

Shadows of Murder webReadYou’re a dead man

Glasgow freelance newspaper photographer, Muir, witnesses a threat of murder in the city centre.


Dalhousie, Muir’s editor at the newspaper, publishes the murder story along with anonymous photographs that reveal the identity of MacRath, a ruthless Scottish hitman.

Crime and Corruption

Dalhousie is one of many Muir can’t trust. The only person Muir trusts is Rochelle, a journalist at the paper. A woman without a past and secrets to hide.

Shadows of Murder

MacRath’s lawyer, Lairdan, sets out to defend his client, using brutal tactics that are less than legal, seeking a dark form of justice for the hitman.

Murder and Lies

In a terrifying game of murder and lies, played publicly through the national press, the real world and the underworld both have their say.

Sharp as a razor’s edge

Filled with murder, deceit, killing and corruption, and sharp as a razor’s edge, this crime thriller, set in Glasgow, cuts against the grain of friendship and loyalty, revealing a world of characters where no one is quite what they seem.

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