Shopping for Men At Christmas

Shopping For Men At Christmas is the first book in a new light–hearted romance series.
It is a new 20,000 word novella set in Scotland at Christmas and New Year.


A beautiful Scottish mansion has been converted into a great shopping experience, filled with boutique shops, where romance is flourishing along with high heels and fashion.

There is talk that women are shopping there in search of love, perhaps to meet the man or their dreams, and so within the gossip and chatter of the tearoom, cafe and coffee shop the saying has emerged — shopping for men. Even if it’s only window shopping and not actually taking one home gift wrapped.

The story features Jaec Midwinter, the handsome and sexy chocolatier. Midwinter isn’t looking for love. But can he resist Erith who owns the cake boutique, or Charmaine who owns the bookshop? And can they resist Midwinter?

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