The Strife of Riley

In this action–packed, modern thriller, based in Scotland, John Riley is tasked by the Glasgow police force to investigate the killing of a man whose computer insists never existed. Unfortunately, Riley discovers his own name is on the killer’s hit list, once again providing him with his usual measure of strife. As a historian and cyber sleuth, he’s also asked to help investigate the strange murder of a high ranking British politician. When the cases seem to be linked, this results in his past coming back to haunt him.

Riley has a double-edged existence and a dark, adventure filled past. He’s a former member of the SBS – the Special Boat Service, one of the most secretive units of the British Special Forces. Comparable to the SAS, the predominantly Royal Navy unit are experts on both land and sea.

Through his special investigations, Riley is drawn into dramatic and dangerous situations that go beyond the confines of his cyber sleuth expertise. Riley’s world is inhabited by criminals, politicians, the police and British military – and those with a mind for mystery and deceit.

This is the first book in a series of Riley novels. The second book, Guile, is due to be published in 2011. Further titles in the series include: Fortune Favours the Brave; The Sealed Book; The Record Keeper; and Beyond This There Be Dragons.

The Strife of Riley is on special promotion on Amazon (where it recently listed in an Amazon Top 100 bestseller category for Men’s Adventure). Amazon US – Kindle & Amazon UK – Kindle.

Available as a paperback (350 pages), or eBook.

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